Real Parroquia de Omnium Sanctorum - Seville

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This church combines the Islamic building tradition with the Gothic art contributed by the Christian conquerors who came from Castile.

The main facade dates from the second half of the 13th century , with an exceptional stone facade consisting of a pointed arch with archivolts and baquetons. On the right, next to the parish church, is the Almohad minaret tower of the old mosque , on which the church was built, later expanded with the bell tower and topped by a tiled spire. The sebbka panel decoration , similar to that of the Giralda, is particularly notable.

The church is built on a square plan, with three naves of five bays each. This church is the headquarters, among other brotherhoods, of the brotherhood known as the Hermandad de los Javieres , which takes part in the Holy Tuesday procession during Holy Week in Seville.


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