Parroquia de San Gil Abad - Seville

Source: Willem Vandenameele

The church is located next to the remains of the walls of Seville and the Arco de la Macarena , one of the gateways to the city.

It was founded in the second half of the 13th century, that is, almost immediately after the city was conquered by Ferdinand III the Holy, and is one of the so-called Alfonsinian churches, built during the reign of Alfonso X the Wise. According to some historians, it could have been built on the site of an ancient mosque , the remains of which are still preserved at the base of the tower and in the Tabernacle Chapel. The head and cross-section have been preserved from this first period.

The church belongs to the interesting group of Gothic-Mudejar churches in the city and the chevet and cross-section have been preserved from the first period.

It has three naves with two bays each, plus a transverse part as a transept and a polygonal apse.

In the interior hang 18th-century canvases from the circle of Martínez Montañés.


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