La fuente de la Plaza de la Encarnación - Seville

Source: Willem Vandenameele

This fountain is the oldest public fountain in Seville and was placed in the Plaza de la Encarnación in 1720 , during the reign of Felipe V and when Manuel de Torres was regent of the city.

The fountain was located near a monastery that had the same name as the square and the reason for placing it in this area was because they were laying cobblestones and this small square was considered the ideal place for a public fountain that would define the city of water would be supplied from the outlets of Carmona.

In 1842 , the market was built and the fountain was moved to the central courtyard , where it remained until the mid-20th century. But it underwent a change in 1948 when the widening of Imagen Street began , the facade of the market was changed and this forced the city council to change the location of the fountain and it was moved to the southern end, putting it in the center of the square remained standing.

On one of the sides of the upper part of the fountain the date and reason for its creation are engraved: "When the Catholic King Philip the Fifth, our Lord, reigned in Seville, this fountain was built and this square paved for the general welfare. Year 1720".


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