Chapel of the Museum of Fine Arts - Seville

Source: Willem Vandenameele

This beautiful chapel, located next to the Museum of Fine Arts , was built at the end of the 17th century and is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Museum.

On the outside is a remarkable ceramic altarpiece depicting the Cristo de la Expiración and, at the feet, Our Lady of the Waters. The author was the ceramist AntonioMorilla Galea, who made it in 1963. In addition to its undisputed artistic value, it allows the adoration of our owners at all times.

The temple has a rectangular plan and consists of a single nave covered with a vaulted ceiling. This chapel was built on land ceded in 1613 by the Order of La Merced, although it was restored several times in the 19th century, until the last, which can now be seen, in 1985. The altarpiece that dominates the main chapel is a work from the 17th century and in the middle is the image of Cristo de la Expiración , the work of Marcos Cabrera from 1575 and at the feet is the Virgen de las Aguas , the work of Cristóbal Ramos from 1772. We also see the evangelists on the main altar, the work of Francisco Antonio Gijón.

In the Gospel section of the chapel there is a beautiful image of Saint Anne teaching the Virgin to read, attributed to Benito Hita del Castillo.


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