Capilla De La Virgen De Monserrat - Seville

Source: Willem Vandenameele

Built at the beginning of the 18th century , the Chapel of Montserrat housed the Hermandad de la Antigua y Siete Dolores and was depreciated by the state at the end of the 19th century. In 1939 it was transferred to the Brotherhood of Montserrat, which moved from the nearby Monastery of San Pablo.

The cult of this Virgin was brought by the Catalans who settled in Seville for trade with America.

The chapel has a rectangular nave covered by a barrel vault. The main altarpiece is preceded by the Christ of the Conversion of the Good Thief, with the Virgin of Montserrat and Saint John the Evangelist on either side. On the side walls, Dimas and Gestas complete the most striking part of the church.

The Christ of the Conversion of the Good Thief is a sculpture by Juan de Mesa that is only four centuries old, as it was completed in 1620. The Virgin of Montserrat is by an unknown artist.

It carries out its penitential procession on the afternoon of Good Friday.


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