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Thiepval was very strategically located. In World War I got near Thiepval therefore endure very heavy. The frontline exchanged here a few times from side. Soon WOIwerd it occupied by the German army. These formed the setting for an impressive military stronghold just a network of trenches. On 27 September 1916 Thiepval came into the hands of the British. But losses were enofm. The attack began on the 1st of July 1916. On that day alone were 60,000 British soldiers, of which 40 000 wounded and captured. The Germans lost one tenth of that number. That first day of the Battle of the Somme is known as the "the blood iest day of the British army." In March 1918 it was again occupied by the German army. And in August 1918 again by Briste army.



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