Melle from Armentières et le carré militaire

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The statue « Mademoiselle from Armentières » has been erected in november 2008 as tribute to the song, written by an english soldier in 1915 (on a french army tune out of the 1820ties) and sung in 1952 by the french actress and singer Line Renaud, who was born closeby in Pont-de-Nieppe.
The work shows a 'lady' carried by four soldiers of the first World War : a scotsman, an indian, an australian and an englishman.
Revived by Line Renaud, the song based on an anecdote by an English officer who made an inappropriate gesture towards a young lady from Armentières, who replied with a slap to his face.
Not far from here, you can find the 'military quarter' in the middle of the civilian cemetery.
Listen to the original song : 'Mademoiselle from Armentières' (1915) - by Jack Charman - 2'54"
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