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Cromer Pier


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Looking from the pier of Cromer only 10,000 years ago would have given you quite a different sight from what you see today. The last Ice Age was coming to an end. The sea level was significantly lower than today and Britain was connected to mainland Europe. You would have seen the fertile plains, part of an area called Doggerland, stretching out between the UK, France, Belgium and even up to Denmark. Doggerland is named after the submerged sandbank. Geologist and archeologist think now that Doggerland was a prehistoric paradise of marshes, lakes, rivers and people. But these people became victim to climate change. The world warmed, glaciers melted and sea level rose by 2 meters every century, for about a few thousand years. Doggerland became an archipelago. But 8150 years ago, itt got a major blow: a mega tsunami. This was caused by a massive undersea landslide off the coast of Norway, known as the Storegga Slide.

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Cromer, United Kingdom

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