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Belemina , or Belmina , or Belbina , or Blenina , was a town of ancient Laconia and ancient Arcadia, at the northwest frontier of the former, the territory of which was called Belminatis . It was originally an Arcadian town, but was conquered by the Lacedaemonians at an early period, and annexed to their territory; although Pausanias does not believe this statement. After the Battle of Leuctra, Belemina was restored to Arcadia, reckoned to be part of Aegytis; most of its inhabitants were removed to the newly founded city of Megalopolis; and the place continued to be a dependency of the latter city. In the wars of the Achaean League, the Belminatis was a constant source of contention between the Spartans and Achaeans. Under Machanidas or Nabis, the tyrants of Sparta, the Belminatis was again annexed to Laconia; but upon the subjugation of Sparta by Philopoemen in 188 BCE, the Belminatis was once more annexed to the territory of Megalopolis. The Belminatis is a mountainous district, in which the Eurotas takes its rise from many springs. Belemina is said by Pausanias to have been 100 stadia from Pellana.
 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Smith, William, ed. . "Belemina". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. London: John Murray.


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