Battle of Alamana

Source: Justus Lipsius

It was here after the Battle of Alamana that the Greek freedom fighter Diakos was captured and killed by impale. Impalement is an ancient, particularly horrifying method of carrying out the death penalty. The convict was placed with the anus on a (not too) sharp (sometimes greased) wooden pole, which then slowly entered the body through the anus and rectum, to eventually come out elsewhere. The convict sometimes fell very slowly over the post, and if no vital organs were hit after piercing the intestinal wall during the penetration of the abdominal and chest cavity, it could take days before death occurred. With the Ottomans, the "art" was not to touch vital parts of the body, such as the lungs or heart. The pole should preferably come up along the spine. Sometimes the convict was given an opium pipe to "assuage the pain".

His death, and especially the way they killed him, becomes a symbol of Ottoman brutality and barbarity.

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