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Kamenjak Kaap

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Kamenjak, the southest point of Istria is about 9 km long with approximately 30 km long coastline full of coves, bays, capes and beaches. The Cape has a great network of dusty unpaved roads and trails that lead up to the most remote places you will ever see. On the very peak of the peninsula there is a cape Kamenjak, and nearby, on the sea to the west, the lighthouse Porer located on the same called reef. It was built in 1846 and is over 30 meters high showing a wonderful example of a stone construction of the Adriatic lighthouse still from the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Unusually rugged coastline of the most southern cape of the Istrian peninsula is equally interesting observed from land, sea or from the air. One of the last oases of the coastal region that has retained its original appearance - a mosaic of cultivated fields, pastures and green groves immersed in the sea. Seemingly scorched land cape Kamenjak in its bosom conceals great secrets of nature.
Cape Kamenjak surroundings
With 30 km of coastline, unspoiled bays and beaches, uninhabited islands, unique flora and landscape decorated with the whiteness of the stone houses and one of the cleanest seas in the Adriatic this area is one of the most desirable places on the Mediterranean. Its history is very rich. On Fenoliga, an island in front of Cape Kamenjak 70 million-year-old traces of dinosaurs were found and can still be seen. This area was inhabited 4000 years ago. Three castle ruins were found, where life had continued even after the Roman occupation, which had extended along the coast. Along with the castles, monuments with Greek and Latin inscriptions and a bronze statue of Minerva were found.

Cape Kamenjak is a nature park (9.5 km long and width that ranges 400-1600 m). It plunges into the blue-green sea and is home to over 570 plant species, thirty of which are protected, in particular many types of orchids. The islands near Kamenjak are where you can still see cows. The local residents take the cows to pasture on them, and they still can be seen swimming behind the boat that takes them to the islands.

In front of Cape Kamenjak there is Porer, a lighthouse built in1833 on a cliff eighty meters in width. Today it can accommodate those who want peace and a unique Robinson experience holiday. The sea and the shore is a paradise for sports enthusiasts: the rich submarine world is ideal for scuba diving due to the crystal clear waters, shoals, reefs, underwater wrecked ships; the winds and waves are paradise for windsurfers while the myriad of white roads, rising and falling along its colourful and fresh coast, are the perfect route for cyclists. We must not forget the fishermen - in this part of the seabed live almost 90% of all Adriatic fish species. It is not uncommon to see dolphins as they swim by, chasing fish with local fishermen.

Due to all the listed attractions, but also to those less known, Pomer and its surroundings is known as a wonderful combination of Mediterranean traditions and of preserved nature that leaves you breathless.

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