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Temple of Juno Moneta

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Source: Tetraktys

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The Temple of Juno Moneta was an ancient Roman temple that stood on the Arx or the citadel on the Capitoline Hill overlooking the Roman Forum. Located at the center of the city of Rome, it was the place where Roman coins were first minted, thereby initiating the ancient practice of associating mints with temples. In addition, it was the place where the books of the magistrates were deposited.
Juno Moneta, the second name associating the Roman goddess Juno with the goddess Moneta who was worshiped at some locations outside Rome, was regarded as the protectress of the city's funds. Money was coined in her temple for over four centuries, before the mint being moved to a new location near the Colosseum during the reign of emperor Domitian. Thus, moneta came to mean "mint" in Latin, which was used in written works of ancient Roman writers such as Ovid, Martial, Juvenal, and Cicero, and was the origin of the English words "monetary" and "money".


Copyright: CC 3.0

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