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The Bussento is a river in southwestern Italy. Originating from Cervati mountain, it flows in the Campanian territory of Cilento, in the Province of Salerno. Its mouth is by the Tyrrhenian Sea, nearby Policastro Bussentino.
After its origin in Cervati, it flows south of Sanza, crosses Sant'Eliano, nearby the artificial Lake Sabetta , and Caselle in Pittari. After Caselle, it flows under the Pannello mountain, and emerges in Morigerati, next to its municipal borders with Tortorella. After it, the Bussento marks Morigerati's border with Santa Marina, flows south of Sicilì, crosses the municipal borders of Torre Orsaia until its railway station in Calleo and, after, it flows near the localities of Hangar, Santa Lucia and Crocefisso. Its mouth, on the Gulf of Policastro, by the Tyrrhenian Sea, is 700 m east of Policastro Bussentino, near Torre Oliva, and 2.4 km west of Scario.

Copyright: Creative Commons 3.0

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