Snellius School (1931)


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In 1915, Dudok became the director of Public Works for municipality of Hilversum. He was commissioned to build many schools. Hilversum was a growing municipality. Industry was coming at a high pace; radio was on the rise and brought many work opportunities. The city council was afraid that the Snellius School would find the noisy traffic a hindrance. Dudok suggested moving the façade back and placing a planted terrace there. This would act as a buffer against traffic noise. The residents of the neighboring 'Gravesande lane' were not happy with the new school, which gave them a view of a blank wall, but the planting of climbing vines with red berries next to the wall helped with that problem. The masonry of the school is a warm red Belgian brick. Next to the school, there is a grassy border, and a raised bed was set up, in which shrubsare planted. This prevents passers by from easily looking inside. The lastschool that was located there was a conservatory, until 1999. The building was restored in 1999 and is now in use as an office.


Noord Holland

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