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The Molin House

Molin filming sites. The Lars Molin Society shows you where it happened.

Hargsgatan 3, Östhammar – Lars Molin and his family lived in this house from 1966 to 1978. Lars, as a self-made man, thought an architect wasn’t necessary, so he and Anita drew up the house plans themselves.

With a few good friends and a lot of patience, Lars and Anita built their own home. Lars was completely inept at gardening, and according to a tall tale (possibly one he made up himself), the neighbours seem to have signed a petition against the overabundant supply of dandelions that proliferated wildly throughout the neighbourhood. Lars, who at the time was still Supervisor of Roads, promised to immediately remedy the problem by paving the entire lot, which ended the protest.

Despite this, neighbourly relations were very good. Neighbours who were very good friends with the Molin family still live in some of the houses around here. A number of wild parties are also said to have taken place in the house. Among other things, surprised neighbours could, late at night, watch a well-known personality from Swedish Television sitting on the edge of the roof, proudly declaring: “Caw! Caw! I’m a seagull.”

The well-known troubadour Bengt Sändh certainly made a strong impression on the neighbours when, during one party, he made ‘letters of fire’ on the lawn by artistically pouring petrol directly onto the grass and then, like a complete pyromaniac, lighting his entire creation up. The grass burned to the roots, and for several summers afterwards, everyone flying over the lot could see BENGT (heart) NOMI in decorative lettering.

It was here in the cellar that Lars Molin’s fantastic journey from Supervisor of Roads to becoming one of Sweden’s most acclaimed directors began. Badjävlar, Hon kallade mig djävla mördare, Väckning klockan sex, Tjocka släkten, Skolkarna and Nybyggarland were all written here. Today, the house is owned by Kimmo Lähde, who graciously allowed us to set up this signpost.

Join the Lars Molin society. Text your name and address to 0732624303 and we’ll send you a payment form for 100 crowns. www.larsmolinsallskapet.se

Copyright: All rights reserved

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Hargsgatan 3
74235 Östhammar

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