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The Wave


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Source: Greg Bulla

Although it may look like something Salvador Dalí would paint, this is an actual image of The Wave, a rock formation located in the Coyote Buttes near Arizona's border with Utah. Comprised of Navajo Sandstone dating back to the Jurassic age, water erosion has carved troughs into this formation. However, the drainage basin that was the source of water responsible for the erosion began to dry out, and the run-off ceased. The job of sculpting the formation now lays entirely with the wind. As it funnels through the troughs, the wind continues to shape the landscape, resulting in steps and risers carved into the walls of the sandstone. Photographers typically find the best time to take pictures is during midday, when there are no visible shadows on the rocks. Twilight is also a popular time to photograph, as one can get a remarkable picture with the Milky Way serving as the background. Additionally, puddles of water containing fairy shrimp and tadpoles will form on the ground after a rain storm. These puddles act as mirrors, perfectly reflecting the striking beauty of the formation. Due to the fragility of the sandstone, access to The Wave is restricted to just 20 visitors per day. Permits are distributed via a lottery system, and the chances of obtaining one during peak visiting months are quite slim. Regardless, it's still a spot with visuals that cannot be replicated anywhere else, and merits a visit by anyone able to go.

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