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Steepness is measured by grade and Canton Street is in an elevated class of its own. It's a real gutbuster with an incline of 37%, which means it rises 37 feet for every 100 feet of length. It is considered by many to be the steepest residential street in the world – but not by those who live in Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the steepest with an incline of 35%. Baldwin Street was previously thought to have a 38% incline, but later measurements showed it to be 35%, so Canton Street pips it. Whether you are in a car, on a bike or walking, cobblestone-paved Canton Street is scary. It has stairs at the side instead of pavements and "Do Not Enter" signs at the top and bottom. Pittsburgh is known for its hills and every year since 1983 diehard cyclists have competed in a punishing 50-mile bike ride tackling the 13 steepest climbs in the city, including Canton Avenue. Some people make it to the top, but many give up after trying several times.

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Canton Ave, Pittsburgh

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