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Roman Shore

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Location type: Strand
Number of texts: 3
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Made by Dromos | Reference YouTube
Made by Dromos | Reference Daniel Cossins

If you stood here 5.4 million years ago, you wouldn’t have seen a beach but you would have looked into a deep basin 2.7 kilometer below you. The Med was nowhere to be seen, only in the deepest parts below 2700 meter below the current sea level.  You would have seen a vast basin, glittering with salt crystals and dappled with lakes of hypersaline water. Tectonic movements had closed the Strait of Gibraltar. You would have seen the height of the Messinian Salinity Crisis. The cut off Mediterranean Sea was evaporating in this hot and dry climate in about 1000 years. The remains of this can still be seen today at the bottom of many parts in the Mediterranean Sea. There you can still find a thick crust of salt and gypsum.

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Made by Dromos | Reference
Made by Dromos

The beach of Myrina is located north of the promontory, on the so-called Roman Shore. The Greek community had their homes during Ottoman times prior to 1913.

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Made by Dromos

This beach is very popular to watch the sunset. You will see a mountain far away at the horizon during the sunset. That is the Athos mountain. During the summer solstice (around 21 June), the sun sets right above the mountain’s top.

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Linked themes: Geography

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