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26 October 2013

ActivityYou can now mark your future or your past activity on a route (= following a specific route)!

How do you do this? 

Easy! At the top of each RoutePage, you will see a green button Do/Done, indicating that you will do this route in the future or you did this route in the past. Try it out on this route, or on any route you like (click on this link)

What can you enter?

The only thing you have to enter is a date. But you can also enter the following info if you like: 

  • Start time
  • Duration (we calculate the average speed) or end date/time
  • Your message (your experience of the route during that activity... or an explanation why your speed was not so good -e.g. due to bad weather, party the night before,...)
  • If you want to share this info on RouteYou with others or not .

Why do we think this is great for you?

  • You can keep track on what you have done (you have a personal Activy-page = My Activity as part of My Space)
  • If you like a route, you can mark it as a route you plan to do (you will also find this back under My Activity)
  • If you share and plan routes with a group of people, you can see who will also join!
  • You can add your speed by adding the time you used to finish the route. Great if you want to keep track of your training scheme
  • You see the top speeds of other users (if they make the info public) so you can compare it with your achievements
  • You can see the last time somebody did this route, and see specific feed-back notes, linked to that last activity (have a look at this example)

Is this it? 

We will add soon some extra functionality:

  • We will make also a publishing option to Facebook & Google+ (what's the point of doing all this effort when nobody knows?)
  • We will give you the option to create an event linked to your future activity. That will allow you to invite other people to your planned activity via the RouteYou-network or other SNs. And they can also mark that they will jpin you on your event.
  • We will provide you with tools to get a better overview of your activities

You want to read more about Activity: check out our help-page.


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