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Motor Feel like cruising along nice and desolate roads ?
The OnRoute motormap 2010 op GARMIN is the thing you need.

You can download NOW the motormap of the BENELUX (bèta version) for FREE using this link (temporarily till 1 Dec).

(created in collaboration with Waypoint)
What's so special about it?

This routeplanner on GARMIN is created to guide you along quiet and relaxing roads. You think you get lost on these country roads, but the routeplanner brings you to the address you want to get while showing you parts of the region you didn't know they existed...

We adapted the map in such a way that the GARMIN routing gets you exactly along these quiet and bending roads. We branched off the network so you could get also to villages, cities and points of interest.

So don't expect the fastest or shortest route...

Get going...

Read more about the product via this info link  on the website of Waypoint. It guides you through the several steps of the installation.


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