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Ruta del Faro

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Lighthouse Route

Distance: 7.4 miles (round trip).

Travelling time: 2 hours 30 minutes (round trip).

Maximum height: 175mm.

Main points of interest: Beaches and dunes of Rhodes, Lagoa dos nenos Information Center, Pedra da Campo, bird observatory, lighthouse cies.

Trail Description: The following schedule is the most emblematic and popular of all made in the archipelago, ending at the highest point it is possible to visit all the National Park which also has one of the most spectacular views same. In turn, it is also the longest route, with greater slope and more exposed to weather factors, important aspects to consider before starting the route.

From the information booth will take the cement road ruts which begins south to the left of it. In these first meters will enjoy the spectacular beach of Rhodes, with its almost mile-long connecting the islands of Monteagudo and Faro, showing the dynamic action of the winds and currents in the peculiar formation of beach-barrier. Shortly after we arrive at the “Lagoa dos nenos”, one of the most interesting and fragility of the National Park. Dam are defined context, artificial structure built in the late nineteenth century to facilitate communication between the two islands, required after the installation of several factories and a cetárea salted seafood in the lake itself. The dam, by the natural breakwater, faces the Atlantic Ocean beat and regulates the entry of water into the lake. The shallow, calm and the temperature of the water makes the lake an ideal place for refuge and breeding of many species, we can see if water clarity allows.

Bream, mújeles, salps, golden bass or Maragoto are some of the most common species, in addition to octopus, eels and crabs, if we have a little patience and some luck. Once on the island of Faro, we reach the entrance to the campsite, the only place where visitors can stay in the islands and let the left, following the path. We will also for the public baths, which have wheelchair accessible toilets. In 6-7 minutes to reach the most warm and humane of the island, where the Center, most of the facilities and staff quarters of the park and the few houses that are privately owned, occupied only in the summer.

About 300m after the Centre are the main intersection of the island, where we will choose the track that rises to our right and whose first corner you can enjoy views of the island of San Martino and Nosa Beach Lady, one of the most beautiful the archipelago, at our feet. By mid-climb, where trees can no longer grow and give way to gorse and brushwood, we can make a brief pause and peculiar approach to the Pedra da Campo, pierced rock by the erosive force of the salt-laden Atlantic winds and up to the observatory of birds, where we can observe the breeding sites of yellow-legged gull and cormorant, two species of seabirds most representative of the National Park. The height and location of the site will allow us also to enjoy magnificent views of the lake and the beach of Rhodes, see the tremendous difference between the eastern side of the islands, much smoother profile and the west side, marked by the force of the ocean. Recover the main road snaking will reach the top of the hill where the lighthouse. From there, surrounded by seagulls playing with the wind and dizzying cliffs 175 meters below us, contemplate the Cies archipelago as a whole, which like a giant breakwater protects the Ria de Vigo beat the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Copyright: All rights reserved

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