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San Pedro Church you are visiting is already documented in 986 as a donation to the Monastery of Celanova, although an internal inscription dated 1202 refers us to subsequent reforms that would frame the building in a transitional style from Romanesque to Ghotic.
The structure of the Church shows us a single nave with longitudinal plant and semi-circular abse with buttresses standing out from the whole construction. This nave, with a timber gable roof, is connected to the abse through a double arch in which truncated columns are included under a little vault. The large-sized apse, is covered with a ribbed vault and a quarter of a sphere over radial ribs.
Outside, on its nothern facade you will see an image of San Pedro, with a key on his right hand and a female figure identified as Santa Ana. Below the buttresses, there are a female wolf nursing her cubs and a wolf devouring a lamb. The rose window is decorated with floral motifs from “Santiago sculptural school”.
On the southern facade the most remarkable figures are capitals supporting  round arches and depicting two lions resting their claws on the battlements of a castle. The top ends on a nut in which an Agnus Dei  rests with an antefix cross. The lamb is looking to the west, something unusual in Galicia.
Its gracious harmony of proportions  and abundant decoration justify that it was declared a national monument in 1931.

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