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Assistant’s house

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Location type: Heritage
Number of texts: 1
3 stars
Made by | Reference | © All rights reserved
Made by | © All rights reserved

Following the steps of los condes de Monterrei, we can find in Verín this so beautiful Casa del Asistente (assistant’s house) or Casa del Escudo.
Its name seems to refer to an unknown building inhabitant, who was conde de Monterrei’s personal assistant. The house is also known as Casa del Escudo because of the magnificent and hard-worked coat in arms which decorates the main façade. The building was built by the middle of XVII century, whereas the coat in arms was made in 1737, as can be seen in the sign at its feet. The rectangular coat of arms, Sharp-ended oval  and with irregular partitions which make difficult to establish the order of the alliances and lineages depicted in it, consists of crown, helmet and plume. The arms of the sticks  carry six roundles, which identifies los Castro as the main lineage. The trumpets, drum, lances, cannons and other military motifs decorating the outside of the emblem, reveal his representative high-ranking military profession. The cross of Santiago on which rests the coat of arms, tell us that its owner was a knight of The order of Santiago, and the smaller crosses would refer to the decorations he would have received.
Nowadays, la Casa del Asistente takes in the tourist information centre of the council. It also houses a temporary exhibitions hall and a pilgrim hostel with capacity for 26 people, because the village is part of the Vía de la Plata on the Camino de Santiago (The way of St. James).

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