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Veiga do Seixo Recreational Area is next to River Mente and belongs to the parish of Castrelo de Cima, bordering directly on the Portuguese frontier. Its location, relief and orientation grant it appropriate ecological identity, where there is water, Ribeira forests and shrubs of the black rocks making it the ideal place to enjoy nature in its pure state. In this area prepared for swimming you can fish trout during the months authorized for this. In addition it is a privileged place for observing the unique flora and fauna, as well as habitats of European interest, which we recommend in the chestnut groves in early hours of the morning.
In this marvellous location you will find a fantastic environment ideal for observing trans-Sahara bird species between April and June; likewise if you are lucky you may spot among the scrublands Alectoris rufa, Sylvia cantillans, and even the odd Lanius meridionalis. Moreover in the areas closest to the river there are several pairs of Hippolais polyglotta and Phylloscopus ibericus.
In Veiga do Seixo town hall we can hear Luscinia megarhynchos and then towards the edge of the village heading towards O Seixo, we might spot Phylloscopus bonelli and Pyrrhula pyrrhula.

Copyright: All rights reserved

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