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When walking along the Camariñas coast, you will notice that Nature has been particularly generous with our municipality.
Camariñas' natural wealth is one of its greatest values. Much of the coast is protected by the Natura 2000 Network, and places such as Cape Vilán have been recognized as Sites of Community Interest (SCI) and Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA). It is easy to spot seagulls, cormorants ...
To the west, in the heart of Trece inlet, and on one of the Monte Branco sides, rises Spain's highest climbing dune (150 meters). At its base grow the caramiñas (Corema album). Our municipality is named after these shrubs, an endangered species having here the largest reserve in all of northwestern Spain. Precisely, Camariñas' most untouched area lies between the sandbanks of Trece and the climbing dune of Monte Branco.
The anthropomorphic, wind-eroded rocks,the native flora and fauna, the wild Atlantic beaches and the calm inlet beaches all offer a contrast of landscapes waiting to be explored and discovered. Hiking, horseback riding, boat rides, water sports such as sailing or sea kayaking... how do you prefer to explore Camariñas?
VIDEO: The nature of Camariñas "Natural Sea"

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