Sinkhole Ayios Gergios - Metamorphosis

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Author: Pascal Brackman

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Source: Pascal BRACKMAN

The Ayios Gergios - Metamorphosis sinkhole is located in the Didyma Doline. A sinkhole is created by the collapse of a cavity in the substrate. The most common sinkholes are dolines ; these are depressions created by karst , the dissolution of limestone in water. The sinkhole of Ayios Gergios - Metamorphosis is such a small doline, located in the larger doline of Dydima . So what happens on a smaller scale here, happens on a larger scale in Didyma's big doline. The water from the closed depression seeps into the subsoil and dissolves the limestone there. We know this phenomenon on a larger scale as cave formation . But sometimes it happens on a smaller scale and the solution happens along crevices. If a large cave collapses, you get a typical sinkhole, as you can see here. What is striking is how beautifully circular this sinkhole is. This is a textbook example of a sinkhole.

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